Hello! Welcome to my blog about Healthy Indian Cooking. I’m a stay-at-home mom of a teenage son with a passion to cook healthful vegetarian recipes. Writing and critiquing about food is second nature to me. Please follow my blog to find easy to make, healthy recipes. I am planning to do food reviews also. So email ladybugreview45@gmail.com if you need food reviews done by me.

I want to cover every day Indian food that is made by a Bengalurean as well as variety food from across India. I would also like to cover asian and european or continental vegetarian food. Anything that is not boring and healthful perhaps would be the motto.

All the pictures uploaded on my website are taken by me and edited using Snapseed. Leave your comments and I will get back to you! Please don’t copy, ask for permissions. Thanks for reading and following Healthy Indian cooking by Lakshmi Bangalore.


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